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EtaPRO – Archived Installation Files

Only the last published version of EtaPRO 10.3 is retained – we strongly encourage our users to upgrade to the latest version to ensure all code changes and new features are available to your users. There will be no further development on EtaPRO 10.3.

User Level Files

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Administrator/IT Level Files

IMPORTANT! A new Product Key is required when upgrading to EtaPRO 10.3 from any previous version 10.2 or older!

Please see the Knowledge Base for articles on upgrading EtaPRO Server software. Please note that a Product Key code and activation are required to run EtaPRO 10 server software. Registered EtaPRO system administrators should obtain Product Keys from EtaPRO Support before starting the upgrade. Internet access is required for automatic or manual activation. Activation can be completed after installation using a self-service activation website.

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General Technical Support

General Technical Support

Main: 716-799-1077
Hours: 8:30AM - 5PM EST